Hi, welcome to Zee’s personal web blog.  I hope to create a useful and convenient resource for you.

Has it ever happened to you that you had spent several hours trying to resolve a problem and then, after several weeks/months passed by, you had to do it all over again because, for the life of you, you just could not remember how you had done it before? Well it happens to me quite often. So I decided to write down at least some generic notes about things I do and I work with – and that is also the reason why this blog exists.

This blog is not a single theme resource. I use the blog as a repository of my notes about different things I am or I was involved in. Therefore, you might find my scientific publications along with some scripts I wrote, technical manuals about mail server installation, or even comparison of children’s carseat prices in Slovakia ;). I try to make information potentially useful for people publicly available via this blog. Of course, there are also private blogs – these contain information which I do not want to publish because they are personal or confidential.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog not formally affiliated with any institution. The information in this blog is provided as is in hopes that it will be useful, but WITH NO WARRANTIES. I take no responsibility for any consequences caused by using any of the information published in this blog.

Zee zee.balogh (at) gmail.com

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