This is the list of projects I have been involved in:



  1. REDIRNET – Emergency Responder Data Interoperability Network (1.3.2014-31.8.2016)
    EU FP7 SEC project: FP7-607768 [Call identifier FP7-SEC-2013-1]

Slovak National

  1. VEGA Selected methods, approaches and tools for distributed computing. (2012-2015)
    VEGA 2/0054/12
  2. CLAN – Cloud Computing for Big Data Analytics (1.7.2012-31.12.2015)
    APVV project APVV-0809-11



  1. SECRICOM – EU FP7 project: Seamless Communication for Crisis Management (2008-2012)
    EU FP7 SEC project: FP7-218123 [call FP7-SEC-2007-1]
  2. Commius – EU FP7 project: Community-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs (2008-2011)
    EU FP7 ICT project: FP7-213876 [call FP7-ICT-2007-1]
  3. K-Wf Grid – Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications (2004-2007)
    EU FP6 RTD IST project: FP6-511385 [call IST-2002-, STREP]
    Project K-Wf_Grid addresses the need for a better infrastructure for the future Grid environment. In order to address the complexity in using and controlling the next generation Grid, the K-Wf_Grid consortium will adopt the approaches envisioned by semantic Web and Grid communities in a novel, generic infrastructure, to assist its users in composing powerful Grid workflows by means of a rule-based expert system.
  4. PELLUCID – A Platform for Organisationally Mobile Public Employees (2002-04)
    EU FP5 IST RTD project: IST-2001-34519
    Project will design, develop and validate a flexible software platform for an important kind of knowledge management: to assist organisationally mobile workers at middle and higher levels of public sector organisation.

Slovak National Projects

  1. RPKOM, ESF project, ITMS 26240220064 (2011-2014)
    Research of process management technologies in real-time heterogeneous environments with the support of multi-modal communication
  2. CRISIS, ESF project, ITMS 26240220060 (25.10.2010-2013)
    Research and development of new information technologies for forecasting and solving crisis situations and for the security of citizens
  3. OptiMAT – Application of Unconventional Control Methods for Optimization of Recyclation Production Lines (1.9.2009-31.8.2011)
    APVV project VMSP-P-0168-09
  4. AIIA – Adaptive Interoperability Framework for Private and Public Sector (1.9.2008-31.12.2010)
    APVV project APVV-0216-07
  5. SEMCO-WS – Semantic composition of Web and Grid Services (1.2.2007-31.12.2009)
    APVV project APVV-0391-06
  6. RAPORT – Research of knowledge-based system for workflow support in organizations with administrative types of processes (01.2005-12.2007)
  7. RANE – RAilway Network of Excelence
    ESF, SORO/JPD 3-094/2005/NP1-033, 13120200104
  8. NÁZOU – Tools for acquisition, organization and maintenance of knowledge from heterogeneous information sources (09/2004-11/2007+03/2008)
    SPVV 1025/04 (ŠPVV – Štátny program výskumu a vývoja “Budovanie informačnej spoločnosti”) (IISAS, FIIT, UPJS a SOFTEC)


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