Install Phalcon with PHP 7.2 on OSX

$ sudo port install php72-apache2handler $ sudo port install php72-mysql php72-mongodb php72-pear php72-mbstring php72-mcrypt php72-gd php72-curl php72-openssl php72-xsl php72-xmlrpc php72-zip php72-oauth php72-memcached php71-igbinary php72-iconv php72-imap php72-geoip php72-markdown php72-mailparse php72-pdflib php72-redis php72-excel $ sudo port install php72-gettext $ sudo port install


XMPP Ports XMPP –  Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (Wikipedia) 5222 TCP XMPP client connection (RFC 3920) Official 5223 TCP XMPP client connection over SSL Unofficial 5269 TCP XMPP server connection (RFC 3920) Official 5298 TCP UDP XMPP JEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging