These are the alternatives to Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart):

  • Honeypots – hidden form fields which hare filled out by robots, but not by humans on regular home pages.
  • Time Period – evaluate time period between form download and form submission. Robots are usually fast and do not wait or wait just a short period of time in order to send as much submissions as possible.
  • Simple Game
  • Simple Logical Question
  • Picture Alternative – “Click on …”
  • JavaScript-generated Checkbox – new version in Google reCaptcha
  • Sing-in using a Social Network Account (Facebook, Twiter or Google+) – good for blogs, can discourage users from submitting a comment
  • Register/Login – enable only registered users to submit a form
  • Paying Customers – enable only contacts (portal users, e-mail addresses) which have payed any amount of money for goods and services (on ebay, amazon, etc.)


  1. Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA
Alternatives to Captcha

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