Have you ever needed to graphically monitor the number of POP3/IMAP connections? couriergraph is exactly what you need.


It is a single Perl script, which needs to be executed like this:

# /usr/local/couriergraph/couriergraph.pl -l /var/log/mail/info --rrd-name=/var/couriergraph/couriergraph -d


The following are the most important switches:

-l – specifies the mail log to be monitored
–rrd-name – specifies the file where the RRD database will be written; BEWARE: You specify /var/couriergraph/couriergraph, but the file will be /var/couriergraph/couriergraph.rrd
-d – makes the program to run in background (deamonized)

For complete list execute:

$ couriergraph.pl --help


couriergraph will gather the POP3/IMAP stats (and also POP3S/IMAPS) into an RRD file. Then it generates up-to-date graphs in PNG format embedded into HTML files. It generates daily/weekly/monthly and yearly stats. Here is an example of a daily graph:


POP3/IMAP Graphical Statistics

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