For Grunt you need to commit also the packages.json file.

To start working with Grunt, instal the CLI:

$ sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

More info here.


To install Grunt, you need to install NPM (Node JS Package Manager) and NodeJS:

$ sudo aptitude install npm
$ sudo aptitude install nodejs-legacy

To install Grunt for a specific project I had to execute the following:

$ sudo npm install grunt --save-dev

If some modules were not installed you need to install it for the local project:

   $ sudo npm install -g grunt-contrib-uglify
   $ sudo npm install -g grunt-contrib-clean
   $ sudo npm install -g grunt-contrib-copy

I had to install project dependencies:

$ npm install

It is probably advisable to commit bower_components together with the project. It contains .bower.json files which contains which modules are installed and from where.

Grunt and Bower

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