Apache River

Continued development of Jini takes place at the Apache River project.

Jini 2.1.1-incubating = Apache River (01/2008)

Apache Rio

Looks it was in development in 2/2009.


Seven is the ‘reference’ implementation of the Jini™ Service Container Specification that eases the development and deployment of Jini™ services and provides many features.

Last release on 03/2008

Control your Rio environment within IntelliJ IDEA

From: http://blog.elastic-grid.com/2007/12/26/control-your-rio-environment-within-intellij-idea/

A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA allowing you to control your Rio environment.

Basically this plugin allows to deploy new services, undeploy them and visually watch the state of the deployments. You can also launch administration UI of the services, which also mean increasing/trimming the number of instances of your services.

There is a screenshot of this plugin in the dedicated page.


Jini Services

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