Books on-line:

Understanding LDAP, (by Heinz Johner, Larry Brown, Franz-Stefan Hinner, Wolfgang Reis, Johan Westman) An excellent on-line document, covering all aspects of the LDAP protocol, directory planning, histor. In PDF format.

Books in print:

Understanding and Deploying Ldap Directory Services
by Tim Howes, et al.

LDAP Programming with Java
by Rob Weltman, Tony Dahbura

Implementing LDAP
by Mark Wilcox

Big Book of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Ldap) Rfcs
by Pete Loshin(Compiler)

Designing Distributed Applications With Xml : Asp Ie5 Ldap and Msmq
by Stephen T. Mohr, Stephen F. Mohr. Paperback

Developing LDAP and ADSI Clients for Microsoft(R) Exchange
by Sven B. Schreiber.

Ldap: Programming Directory-Enabled Applications With Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
by Tim Howes, Mark Smith.

Programmer’s Guide to Internet Mail : Smtp, Pop, Imap, and LDAP
by John Rhoton.

Implementing & Troubleshooting LDAP
by Robert Lamothe. Paperback (September 1999)

Active Directory Programming
by Gil Kirkpatrick.

Active Directory Developer’s Reference Library
by David Iseminger(Editor)

Active Directory for Dummies
by Marcia R. Loughry.

Active Directory Services for Microsoft Windows 2000 Technical Reference
by David Iseminger.

Building an Enterprise Active Directory — Notes from the Field
by Microsoft Consulting Services.

Creating Active Directory Infrastructures
by Curt Simmons.

Managing Active Directory for Windows 2000 Server
by Melissa Craft, Syngress Media (Editor)

Mastering Active Directory (Mastering)
by Robert R. King.

Professional ADSI Programming- Active Directory Services Interface
by Simon Robinson.

Understanding Active Directory Services (Strategic Technologies)
by Daniel J. Blum.

Windows 2000 Active Directory Service
by Alistair G. Lowe-Norris

LDAP Books

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