Using amavisd-new you set the $sa_tag_level_deflt switch to “undef” or to “-999”. After Amavis restart (or config reload) this should result into a behavior when each email contains X-Spam tags. But unfortunately there are no X-Spam tags in the email headers.


The problem is that you need to add all your local domains (domains for which your box receives emails) into the @local_domains_maps map. Resource: here

Caution! Do not add simply any domain by stating “.”. The reasons why not are listed here.


List all your local domains in the @local_domains_maps map.

If you have many local domains, you can do the following:

  1. List them directly in amavisd.conf
  2. Load them from external file:
     @local_domains_maps = ( read_hash("$MYHOME/local_domains") );
  3. Load them from MySQL: read this mailing list
Why is Amavis NOT adding X-Spam tags into your e-mails?

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